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Looking Ahead

Examine Your Fears of Cold Calling

This workshop was specifically addresses the fears and nervousness people feel in starting to talk about their business. “Cold calling” in a sales context can often be viewed negatively. The truth is that as entrepreneurs you are going to have to ask something of someone that knows nothing about you.



The magic may be the brand, but the carpet is the sales force. Your brand can’t fly without it.

– John Bello, founder of SoBe

All the marketing strategies in the world will be ineffective if they don’t result in sales. Without sales, you cannot pay for overhead and operating expenses. No sales means no profits.

In some ways, the fear of cold calling is practically an epidemic, like the fear most people have of public speaking. The fear of cold calling is a painful, daily struggle for many entrepreneurs and salespeople who have been trained in traditional selling techniques.

Sales methods vary almost as widely as the products or services being sold. What works for you might not work for your competitor. Whatever your sales methods, the sales process will be nearly the same.

You can use internal or external sales methods to sell your products or services. The type of sales method you use depends on the industry, type of product or service, the sales volume you need to grow your business, and the resources you are willing to invest in sales. When deciding on the best sales method for your business, take a look at how competitors are selling their products or services.


Cold Calling

  • Activities:

    Describe the technique for a successful cold call sales presentation, the pros and cons, and best way to approach it.

Best Sales Presentation Techniques


Outline the sales technique, strategy/approach and tools used to create the sales presentations for cold calling.

Generating Sales

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be prepared for the challenge of generating sales. Bottom line success in your business hinges on sales execution.

Often, early-stage companies don’t have a sales force, and as Craig Wortmann and Waverly Deutsch outline in their paper Entrepreneurial Selling, “Before a new venture has a track record, familiar brand, clearly established value proposition, satisfied customers—often before it even offers a fully tested robust product or service—the entrepreneur must begin selling.”

Selling is the bridge between marketing and customer service. It is an essential activity.

Tip: Key Takeaways

To discover and deal with the fear of talking to strangers and asking something of them; including the sale.

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