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Your Brand Story

In this lesson you are going to develop your brand. A brand is the tone or style of your business that stems from you. At times, we think that our business is separate from us, but in reality, anyone interested in buying your product or service are really trusting and buying you.

Consumers nowadays want to know the story behind a company. Why did they start? What is their thinking and what do they care about? It’s no longer about the item but the face behind the product. They are looking for ethical practices and compelling reasons of why they do what they do.

Therefore, let’s start with your brand story. In actuality, this is your personal story and what got you here today. We share our brand story in many ways, such as on our website, through our social media messages, and with the visual tone or style of our business.

Download the BRAND STORY worksheet to build your story. It includes an example.


Telling your Brand Story

When you are ready to share your Brand Story you’ll need to consider the possible ways that you can do that. You can create effective branding for your company by thinking through the many points of contact you have with your customer. Like these…