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Targeted Promotions





A business needs to promote itself in order to reach a certain target audience. Potential customers and clients both need to find your service or product easily as well as come across it without intentionally seeking it.

For some people, promoting may seem salesy making them feel uncomfortable. You can promote without seeming that way. Think of it as a way of sharing your gift or gem to help people better their life. Be proud and be loud!

Being at the top of your audiences’ mind requires
constant exposure through promotional methods.


Before we explore the various ways to promote your business, let’s define a few aspects of your target audience. Basically, let’s consider their characteristics. Think of this as describing your idea client or customer (aka buyer persona.) See them in your mind and describe them to yourself.

Once you define this ideal customer, choosing a promotional method that aligns with their needs will make more sense and be less confusing.


Questions: What are the characteristics of Your Target Audience?

Answer the following questions by jotting down notes. You will need to provide your answers in a worksheet provided at the end of this lesson. If you are having problems, practice by describing yourself through these questions, and then refocus on the audience you want to target (i.e. it probably is not the same as you).

Much of this information can be taken from your market research – you can refer back to your research. Likely though you will not yet have researched enough to get all the answers especially on buying behaviour.

Tip: Click "Take Notes" below to answer this question! A template for your answers is already set up!