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I am glad to see you have been able to sign into YMCALearn and have chosen to access this orientation section. This section takes between 30-90 minutes to explore and contains information about how to use the online course system, YMCALearn, including:


Logging In

The first step to success in an online learning system is to figure out how to navigate and find things in the system, and in your individual courses.

First we will review how to navigate your My Dashboard page (the first page you see when you log into YMCALearn) and then we will review how to navigate your weekly modules.



Read This

My Dashboard

My Dashboard is the first page you see when you log into YMCALearn. From here, you can access your weekly modules. My Dashboard also contains service notices, links to support and resources, and other useful material.

From any page in a course click on the Vancouver Island University logo ()  (in top left corner) to return to this page where you can enter other modules.


Accessing Your Weekly Modules

Your Weekly Modules are listed on your My Dashboard page. Select the name of the Module you want to enter to access it. You may also need to search for your module using Search icon in the navigation bar.


My Notes

You can access your electronic notes using the button on the Main Navigation Bar. My Notes is a personal note taking tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on, and sharing items that represent your learning on each lesson page.


Industry + Useful Links

Industry + Useful Links is a collection of digital resources and links to supports available for you. Check this space out for help studying, creating presentations, researching, and much more.


Even the smoothest entrepreneurial journeys hit snags, though. So we’ll suggest a few places you can turn to for help:

If you have a specific problem with YMCA LEARN — Use the black “Feedback” tab on the right-hand side of the course. While your facilitator and Business Advisor can help you with specific business questions, we hope you’ll use this for site bugs, content suggestions or general questions about the product.

Weekly Modules

The Weekly Module is the first page you see when you open a module from My Dashboard. You can use the module navigation menu on the left to access all of the activities, content, and assignments your instructor has open in the module.


The Module Navigation Menu

The primary navigation tool for a course is the Module Navigation Menu which is located on the left of your screen inside a module. The headings on the navigation menu are direct links to lessons in the module. Just because you see an option on the navigation menu does not mean you can access the content until you have completed all content preceding it.


Watch a Video

The Looking Ahead page is the first page you see when you open a module from the My Dashboard page.

Watch this video to see the different sections of the My Dashboard and Weekly Module page.



If you cannot see the video above, or would prefer to read a transcript of the video voice over,  use this link to access the video in a new window or tab.opens in new windo.

Practice Activity

Remember: YMCALearn relies on its own internal navigation. You are strongly encouraged not to use your internet browser back/forward buttons to navigate your way through the online modules. Use the module bread crumb trail and the Previous/Next buttons.

If you have questions while using your online modules, you can access helpful resources by selecting the Feedback menu that appears on the right side of the navbar.

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