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Self Employment Program

What You'll Learn


I am glad to see you have been able to sign into our Self Employment Online Program and have chosen to access this orientation section. This section takes between 30-90 minutes to explore and contains information about how to use the online course system.

Learning Goals and Outcomes

Here is a list of all the learning goals for this level and all the outcomes for each part. Please read this page as it will give you an idea of where we are headed in the course. When you are done you should be able to do all of the things listed below.


Week 0 - Let’s Start

Learn the Game Plan: Create a Business Plan

  • Review Course Outline
    • How Delivered
    • Learning Expectations
    • Resources and Templates
    • Timing
    • Assessments
  • Navigate the Online Course

Week 1: - Your Business Scope

  • Share Business Idea and History
  • Choose a Business Structure
    • Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation)
  • Outline Facility, Location and Business Delivery Ideas
    • Brick and Mortar
    • Online
  • Develop Business Core Values, Mission & Vision
  • Sketch Business Goals and Targets (SMART)

Week 1 - Target Market Surveys

  • Determine Target Audience (live workshop)
    • B2C or B2B
    • Secondary Research: Explore Current Research
  • Primary Research: Market Surveys



Week 2 - Cold Calling

  • Examining our fears
  • What is cold calling
  • Best Practices
  • Handling Objections

Week 2 - Your Marketplace Offer

  • Assess and Reflect On Personal Ability to Run a Business
  • Determine Best Offer (live workshop)
    • Product or Service
    • Features and Benefits
    • Compose Elevator Pitch
  • Complete Business Plan Sections
    • Tips



Week 3 - Your Industry

  • Industry Overview
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Competitive Advantage
  • SWOT Analysis

Week 3 - Your Marketing Plan

  • Develop Marketing Mix (5 Ps) (live workshop)
    1. Choose Product/Service
    2. Calculate Best Price
    3. Refine Place of Delivery
    4. Determine People Involved
    5. Sketch Promotional Ideas
  • Complete Business Plan Sections

Week 4 - Your Brand

  • Develop Brand Strategy (live workshop)
    • Determine Customer Needs & Values
    • Position Product
  • Deepen Promotional Strategy
    • Offline Methods
    • Online Marketing
      • Website Presence
      • Social Media
      • Content Marketing
    • Complete Business Plan Sections
  • Tips

Week 5 - Your Operations

  • Plan Physical Process (live workshop)
    • Operations Flowchart
    • Customer Delivery
    • Supply Chain
    • Workspace & Equipment
  • Outline Legal Requirements
    • Licenses and Permits
    • Business Contracts
    • Tax Collection and Submission
  • Sketch Bookkeeping Process
    • Invoices or sales
    • Money Management
    • Record Keeping
  • Determine Customer Service
    • Communications
    • Policies
    • Guarantees
    • Refunds
  • Consider Human Resources
    • Staffing Needs
    • Employee Management
    • Subcontractor Outsourcing



Week 6 - Your Growth & Risk Plan

  • Determine Best Growth Steps (live workshop)
    • Refine Business Smart Goals
  • Conduct Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management Plan
  • Create Exit Strategy
  • Complete Business Plan Sections
    • Tips



Week 7 - Your Financial Forecasts

  • Calculate Income & Expenses
    • Sales Forecast
    • Start Up Costs
    • Operational Expenses
    • Marketing/Promotional Budget
    • Profit Margins & Markups
  • Create Cash Flow Statement
    • Cash Flows In
    • Cash Flows Out
    • Owner’s Draws
    • Capital Investments
  • Break-Even Analysis (live workshop)
    • Fixed and Variable Costs
    • Break-Even Sales Revenue
    • Break-Even Prices
  • Complete Business Plan Sections
    • Tips

Week 8 - Your Sales Presentation

  • Review Sales Process
  • Explore Overcoming Sales Objections
  • Choose Best Selling Techniques
  • Create Sales Presentation Plan (live workshop)
  • Complete Business Plan Sections
  • Tips

Week 10: Your Presentation

  • Business Plan Finalization Tips
    • Compose the Executive Summary
    • Format Your Plan
  • Get Peer Reviews
  • Review Submission Guidelines & Ratings
  • Prepare Your Presentation

Weekly Feedback Information

In this course you will find that there are a number of activities that are included for each section of the Business Plan. These activities will help you to flesh out your response.

Knowledge Check Quizzes

These are optional. You can attempt them if you would like, but you are not required to. The purpose of these quizzes is that you can test your knowledge to see if you need to review a particular Section or not.


Conditional Release

There are many items in this course that are based on conditional release. That means that you may have to complete a certain task. Some tasks may include reading a page. Some may be to complete and submit a section of your plan or participate in a Live Webinar. This allows us to release the content to you when you have shown proficiency at a particular concept or understanding.

Program Outline – Download Now!

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Progressing Through the Course

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