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[icon name=”binoculars” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Looking Back – Talking About Your Idea


Well done! In this module, you…


Now that you’ve figured out what you want to say, go out and get some feedback!


It’s incredibly important to speak with others about your idea, whether you’re starting a company or trying to improve an existing one.

To do this, you need to be able to communicate the following:

If you’re thinking, wait—I’m not entirely sure yet! That’s okay. By talking to potential customers and advisers and conducting market research, you’ll refine your understanding of all of these things and may even decide to change your approach down the line.

That’s why you’ll want to craft your answers to these questions now. This will be the foundation on which you can get feedback on your idea. In short, it’s your jumping off point.


Please use the email tool to contact your Advisor, or post your questions in the Discussion area. Please note the Discussions are only monitored intermittently. They are meant as a way to promote class discussion and collaboration. So feel free to respond to or to answer other participants’ question if you are able.





Always keep an eye on your business concept to make sure it matches your personal vision. If you find that your concept begins to stray from your personal vision, is there any way the concept can be altered? This is one way your personal vision can serve as a guide throughout this process.

Submit Your Assigmment

This week’s assignment is to complete your Product/Service Description in your Business Plan, including your Features and Benefits table. Please use the File Upload button to submit your Business Plan Overview section (not including Business Goals). Due Sunday night at 11:59pm.


Please download the Cover sheet for this week and submit it along with your assignment. You must copy/paste it into your file to upload.

Week 2 Checklist