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Grade 2/3

Ms. Andrea

Learn By Doing

Families: Start slow, choose at least one activity to do with your child/family. Please feel free to post on our FreshGrade with a picture or what you did. Alternatively, you can email me a picture or description of what your child did.

Online Books

As explained in the email, if your child is able to participate online you may wish to spend some time exploring Raz-Kids website with your child. If you are requiring devices that information has been relayed to the school. NOTE: the use of Raz-KIds is optional. If it is too difficult at this time please opt out as there are other activities your child can participate in.

Monday April 27th to May 1st

Families: Choose one activity or more to do with your child/family. Please feel free to post on our FreshGrade with a picture or what you did. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please email.

If your family Is working on something different, please let me know so I can record It for your child.


Weekly Notes

Dear Parents,

Over the next month our Primary teaching team will have many stories and activities related to Ramadan. It Is the month that closest resembles December/Christmas time on the Islamic calendar. We have many students that celebrate Ramadan at our school. During December, our Muslim friends participate In activities and learn about Christmas. It would be very nice for them If their friends are Interested In learning about Ramadan.
As always, any activities are suggestions and you are welcome to pick and choose which activities may best fit Into your family’s schedule.
I understand that FreshGrade Is not the easiest platform for everyone (myself Included!) but I appreciate the effort of checking and posting on it. You can also send pictures to my email account so I can see what my awesome students are up to.

Email For Questions

You have been given a gift of time with your child. There are no expectations besides loving and nurturing your child. We will be here if you have questions or concerns.



Trust your gut, adapt (change) the learning goals to meet your child’s needs. Teachers do this with your child every day. Teaching is about the learning process, not just what the end product is. Allow and encourage mistakes both for your child and yourself.


Take this opportunity to teach your child some life skills like cooking and household chores. Allow creativity and passion projects to happen. Learn something you always wanted to learn alongside your child.


Remember that PLAY is extremely important to your child at this time. Many of the activities we do at school are play-based because this is the best way for your child to learn new concepts. Allow breaks of free play during the day as well.


Online Curriculum

Further Your Learning Online (Optional)

Websites/Apps that we have viewed in the past include:

EPIC (you will have received the class code)

Prodigy (email me for username and password if your child forgets)

Students, just like the classroom we all need to work together so we can work in a productive and safe learning environment.

Your job this week is LAUNDRY. You can make sure that your dirty clothes are put In the proper place (dirty clothes pile, laundry hamper, whatever your family does for this). Make sure any clothes that you can still wear are put away where they should be (clean clothes pile, drawers, closet, etc). Try to learn how you’re adult folds the clothes and practice folding clothes that come out of the dryer.
Remember: you can still be your own toy manager and help with the dishes this week, too! Just like in class, we clean up after ourselves and help others.


Non-Discrimination Policy

The Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools 2.10 Inclusion Policy is based on the principles
of respect, acceptance, safety and equity. It “affirms a learning environment that reflects
diversity, inclusivity and equity is essential in supporting the highest level of individual
growth and achievement”.