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Grade 4/5

Ms. Hawkins

Learn By Doing

Families: Start slow, choose at least one activity to do with your child/family.

Online Books

Check out the Library Online link for suggested online books and curriculum.

Monday May 18th to Friday May 22nd

Families: Start slow, choose at least one activity to do with your child/family.


Weekly Notes

Dear Parents,

I have been extremely grateful to have had so many great conversations with students and families who have reached out with questions. This week, we are going to stick with the routines that we have already introduced. I understand that it’s a steep learning curve for us all, and I don’t want to add too many new things! If you or your child gets stuck, I am always available to help during school hours. If that doesn’t work for you, please reach out and we can organize another time for me to be in contact.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care of yourselves!

Email For Questions

Ms. Hawkins




Trust your gut, adapt (change) the learning goals to meet your child’s needs. Teachers do this with your child every day. Teaching is about the learning process, not just what the end product is. Allow and encourage mistakes both for your child and yourself.


Take this opportunity to teach your child some life skills like cooking and household chores. Allow creativity and passion projects to happen. Learn something you always wanted to learn alongside your child.


Remember that PLAY is extremely important to your child at this time. Many of the activities we do at school are play-based because this is the best way for your child to learn new concepts. Allow breaks of free play during the day as well.


Online Curriculum

Further Your Learning Online (Optional)


Please spend some time with your child to familiarize yourself with Google Classroom, and Google Docs – which will be two important tools for learning in the weeks ahead.

This a great time to give your child the opportunity of helping with daily tasks around the house. Doing things like cooking as a family is a great way to teach valuable life skills!



Non-Discrimination Policy

The Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools 2.10 Inclusion Policy is based on the principles
of respect, acceptance, safety and equity. It “affirms a learning environment that reflects
diversity, inclusivity and equity is essential in supporting the highest level of individual
growth and achievement”.