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Grade K/1

Ms. Stacey

Learn By Doing

Families: Start slow, choose at least one activity to do with your child/family. Please feel free to post on our FreashGrade  with a picture or short video of your learning.

Online Books

As explained in the email, if your child is able to participate online you may wish to spend some time exploring Raz-Kids website with your child. If you are requiring devices that information has been relayed to the school. NOTE: the use of Raz-KIds is optional. If it is too difficult at this time please opt out as there are other activities your child can participate in.

Monday May 18th - Friday May 22nd


Families: Start slow, choose at least one activity to do with your child/family. Please feel free to post on our FreashGrade with a picture or short video of your learning. Now that students are on Epic books, I will be assigning readers for students and will be able to monitor their progress.


Weekly Notes

Start slow with creating a new learning relationship with your child, they are just as nervous as you are. Remember teachers spend the first weeks of school building this new trust before they start teaching curriculum. You may discover mixed emotions of happiness, frustration, confusion and even anger. This is normal and it shows how much you care about what you are doing. Teaching is a passion, not a job, and we are so very sad that we cannot be with your child right now.

Email For Questions

You have been given a gift of time with your child. There are no expectations besides loving and nurturing your child. We will be here if you have questions or concerns.




Trust your gut, adapt (change) the learning goals to meet your child’s needs. Teachers do this with your child every day. Teaching is about the learning process, not just what the end product is. Allow and encourage mistakes both for your child and yourself.


Take this opportunity to teach your child some life skills like cooking and household chores. Allow creativity and passion projects to happen. Learn something you always wanted to learn alongside your child.


Remember that PLAY is extremely important to your child at this time. Many of the activities we do at school are play-based because this is the best way for your child to learn new concepts. Allow breaks of free play during the day as well.


Online Curriculum

Further Your Learning Online (Optional)

·       If you didn’t accept my Invite for FreshGrade, please contact me through email and I will resend an Invitation.

·       Please log onto FreshGrade and check out the assignment page for additional learning opportunities or our Bayview website for additional resources.

·       Please remember to access Epic for an online library, Reflex for math facts fluency, Prodigy for an assortment of math facts, and for design thinking practice. Check FreshGrade for access Instructions for each site.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools 2.10 Inclusion Policy is based on the principles
of respect, acceptance, safety and equity. It “affirms a learning environment that reflects
diversity, inclusivity and equity is essential in supporting the highest level of individual
growth and achievement”.