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Grade 1/2

Mrs. Neden

Learn By Doing

Families: Start slow, choose at least one activity to do with your child/family.

Online Books

As explained in the email, if your child is able to participate online you may wish to spend some time exploring Raz-Kids website with your child. If you are requiring devices that information has been relayed to the school. NOTE: the use of Raz-KIds is optional. If it is too difficult at this time please opt out as there are other activities your child can participate in.

Monday May 11th - Friday May 15th

Remember as always, to do what you can. This week’s focus is Creative and Critical Thinking in all Primary Grades at Bayview.  We will look at the engineering process, thinking creatively and trying to do things more than once. Monday Is a holiday so the plan begins on Tuesday.


Please feel free to post on our FreshGrade or email me with a picture of what you did. Note it is very helpful if your child indicates what they want me to notice about the picture.


I will continue to send home the online videos each day. For our class meet up on Wednesdays I need to make the chat a half hour earlier than usual. On-line Video group chat is scheduled for Wednesday May 20th at 2:30  P. M. hope to see you on line!

Have a great week and don’t forget I am an email or phone call away.


Weekly Notes

Thank you to those who I hear from on a regular basis. The rest of the loaned technology is being handed out shortly so hopefully everyone can log on. If you have a Chrome book you do not need a Learn Account, please sign in as a guest. You will need to connect to your home internet. Everything you need can be accessed via my weekly plan. You might want to bookmark Prodigy and RazKids on your device so students can log on without much assistance (after they become familiar with it).

Remember I am sending online information as well as paper choices. You access what works best in your situation.

Tracking progress– I am monitoring the amount of time and days that students spend on RazKids and Math Prodigy. Prodigy seems to be a real hit with students! If your child is showing some reluctance to try new things show them Prodigy as it is a game format that everyone seems to enjoy.


These are trying times for us all so remember to take a breath and don’t worry if some days it doesn’t feel like you accomplish much.

It is not important how many math sheets you were able to do. What is important is the feeling your child will have when they look back at this time. Take care of each other. ?

Email For Questions

Some instructional pointers around Literacy;


When your child is reading to you (and they should be reading to someone else at least one book each day out loud) and they make an error don’t jump in right away. Wait until they get to the end of the line and see If they notice anything. (Or you can wait until the end of the page). If they had an error and don’t make a move to self-correct, then ask them one of the following questions.


Does it look rights?


Does it sound right?


Does it make sense?

(this one is critical as your child should never be reading text that makes no sense)

I very seldom tell students what the word is. If they are really struggling I tell them to look at the first three letters, then go back and reread the sentence and say the first three letters when they get to the hard word. Ask them what would make sense here that starts with those letters? They are using sentence structure and meaning to figure out difficult words (this is what good readers do).


The biggest message we want to send to them is that we believe in their ability to problem solve. This leads to self confidence, willingness to take risks and ultimately independence.


Remember to change course at any time during the week if things are becoming overwhelming (this is what we do in class). Allow breaks of free play, this is very important for their mental wellness (and yours)! Take care and be safe! I am here if you have questions or concerns.


Online Curriculum

Daily Videos– I have created an unlisted Youtube channel so that my daily videos will be easier to access for you. It is unlisted so only individuals I share the link with are able to view this. Hope you check in as it sets your child up for the days learning.


Literacy: Please remember to access Raz-Kids:   for an online library.


Numeracy: Keep working on Math  Prodigy  If you can’t locate your login information email me at


Communication of Learning:  

Keep loading pictures onto FRESHGRADE or share them via email. Check Raz Kids and FreshGrade during the week for my messages!

If you aren’t already connected; if you have any questions, please contact me by email. 


On line chat– we are attempting to hold an online video chat every Wednesday at 3 pm for students that are able to join. You will receive an email invite the night before via email.


Non-Discrimination Policy

The Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools 2.10 Inclusion Policy is based on the principles
of respect, acceptance, safety and equity. It “affirms a learning environment that reflects
diversity, inclusivity and equity is essential in supporting the highest level of individual
growth and achievement”.