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About Us

StrongStart is a free drop-in program offered to parents and caregivers with children ages zero to five years old.  StrongStart program emphasizes learning through play, language and positive social interactions.


Welcome to StrongStart Online!

As you know, StrongStart sessions are currently suspended indefinitely. In the meantime, we still want to be part of your daily routine! This means, we will be going online. Ms. Janet, will be posting daily on Facebook about how to bring the program into your home. Check out here Facebook page here: you are new to StrongStart, you are welcome to follow Ms. Janet’s page on Facebook and check back here as well until we are back in the classroom. We hope you and your little one enjoy our online program!


What about an ABC scavenger hunt at home? Write a few letters on post-it notes and stick it on objects around the house that starts with the same letter. For example, “F” is for fish or “C” is for clock. Ask your children to go look for either the object or the letter. With infants and toddlers, use only 1 or 2 objects at a time and emphasize the sounds like “buh buh buh” for ball. Don’t feel silly about saying it over and over because repetition helps with learning!

Stories Online

Our facilitators are working on making stories and songs videos so in the meantime, check out this reading of the book, “Germs are not for Sharing” by Auntie Kay Reads


“But why do we have to wash our hands?” asks your child every time you pull up their sleeves. You could give them a scientific answer, or you could make it fun! There’s an experiment involving a bit of pepper, some water in a dish and soap. It shows the children how soap repels “germs” aka the peppers. Not sure how? Check out this video



Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

When we have to be inside all day with young children it is very hard to find things to do to keep them physically engaged. And we all know the importance of keeping activity for not only our physical state but our mental state as well. Here is a link to a song called ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ that will get them moving. You can also sing this song and change the animals to help get them moving their bodies in different ways. For example – you could sing ‘see the little snakes sleeping’ and they can slither along the floor on their tummies. Getting tired of reading the same story books over and over again. Let’s read a book with Teacher Steven called ‘Bear’s Toothache’.

More Resources

This is a link for story times with the Librarian at VPL every day at 10AM!

This link takes you to the YMCA play at home sing time!



We Miss You!

Stay Safe!