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Welcome to Day 2 – Marketing Your Business

How can you use marketing to increase sales? What are your marketing objectives for next year? What are some marketing activities and tools you should consider? As an entrepreneur, knowing how to market your business successfully is key. All of those questions will be discussed in the Marketing Your Business section. This section will introduce concepts such as: Market Trends, 4Cs of Market Information, 4Ps of Marketing, Smart Marketing, Positioning Statement, Sales Process, and more.

Looking Ahead
It’s time to think about how you’ll reach your customers. What you’ll do to make sure they know you…and remember you. The marketing landscape is constantly changing. Logos are updated as design sensibilities evolve. New digital tools are added into the mix every day.

It can seem overwhelming, but this is the time to have some fun. You’re creating a visual and written representation of your business. This is where knowledge of your target market is key. Where your customers are and what they use to get information will heavily influence your marketing plan.

In this module, we’ll walk through what goes into creating and marketing a brand.

What do I want my brand to communicate?
How can I best communicate that brand message?
Will my marketing reach my customers?

What Do You Want Your Customers to Experience?
Positioning Statement

Pitch – Brand Name
Pitch – Tweetable Pitch
Pitch – Company Story