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Online Rooms: Zoom Web Conferencing Tool

The YMCA supports YMOnline Rooms (powered by Zoom) primarily to support teaching and learning. Zoom can also be used for administrative meetings and collaboration.

What can I do with YMOnline Rooms? 

YMOnline Rooms provides web-based video and audio conferencing system which allows real-time communication between instructors and participants. Facilitators can create an online meeting room from within the Zoom app, or online at and schedule meetings between the whole class or individual groups.

Zoom can be used to deliver lectures, engage in class discussions, run virtual office hours, and share resources, multimedia, or any application that runs on the desktop.

We use YMOnline Rooms to: 



Tip: Complying with BC Privacy Laws Zoom is a United States-based company that stores three pieces of information about your classes/meetings on a US server. To use VIUOnline Rooms (Zoom) at VIU and comply with BC privacy regulations (to have no personal identifiable information stored on US servers), you must adhere to the following regardless if you are hosting a class or a meeting: If you are scheduling a YMOnline call (creating a link to send to people to join your class or meeting) do not name it with any identifying elements of your course name i.e., Social Work Class). Instead name your meetings/online classes in a more generic way (Thursday Class, Susie’s Meeting). This prevents any identifiable connections between participants and course/meetings. Ask all participants to log in with only their first name, nickname or initials. If they are using the Zoom desktop or mobile app they need to change their name in the account settings. This should happen for both participants and non-participants in all situations because personal identifiable information includes anything that is not public information. For those who do not have public details on the web, privacy must be respected – unless you have signed consent from everyone in your class or meeting. Ask all participants to not upload photographs of their true self in the account area. Instead suggest they use an avatar, image or leave blank if they are not enabling video. This is a personal identifiable piece of information that should not be saved on a US server.

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