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As an employer you have several responsibilities when hiring an employee. They are to ensure:



For employment standards, it is important to adhere to and provide the basic minimum requirements, such as wages, time off and working conditions. 

For work safety standards, it is law in most provinces to register for insurance coverage to protect workers (i.e. with WorkSafeBC and the Workers’ Compensation Board). This includes employers in home-based businesses, as well as some contractors, subcontractors and residential employers. 

Payroll Taxes 

If you hire employees, you will have to register as an employer with CRA, get a business number, and open a Payroll Deductions account. There are some provincially legislated requirements regarding payroll deductions.

As an employer, you are required to remit on behalf of your employees:


There are legally required steps when hiring a new employee in Canada. To start, there are certain questions you cannot ask in an interview or on a job application. More important, you cannot be deemed as acting with discrimination towards any potential application (or current employee) such as making judgements or comments about their gender, race, religion, etc. 

As well, you want to attract great talent to your company so you need to sweeten the pot and make the position look appealing. It’s best to hire the best talent you can to help your company succeed.

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Use the following template to write and prepare your job advertisement.